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SalesForce is the world leader in cloud-based CRM solutions.

ConnectingBlox provides consulting, deployment and development services for The investment in SalesForce can be significant so understanding the options and having a solid deployment and adoption plan is important to obtaining desirable ROI. We can assist our customers in building a sales & marketing process around SalesForce, including integration with most major digital marketing platforms.

Salesforce APIs

SalesForce APIs

The SalesForce platform offers a wide variety of APIs and language support. This enables ConnectingBlox to build integrated applications that synchronize data with your SalesForce instance.

The SalesForce APIs provide a simple method of utilizing SalesForce for your sales and marketing efforts while retaining investments in other enterprise systems (ERP, HRMS, Document Management, etc.). Icon

Platform as a Service

In addition to the CRM system, The SalesForce ecosystem also provides the Platform as a Service (PaaS). Using the PaaS enables rapid development of enterprise applications with many of the same integration points, social capabilities and data structures as SalesForce. Using as a starting point for enterprise application development can provide a fast and cost-effective means of bringing your organization's vision to reality.

The PaaS has already been used by dozens of companies to create web and mobile enabled enterprise applications. ConnectingBlox has experienced developers ready to build yours!

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