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Private File Share

StorageBlox PFT gives you a secure and manageable option to Dropbox and other public cloud systems.

It's a common problem in today's electronic world. We need to send files to customers, partners or vendors but they're too large for email. So we find cloud services that let us send large files or we use old FTP servers or sometimes we even resort to physically sending flash drives. No security, no control and often risking the appearance of being unprofessional. StorageBlox PFT gives you the convenience of public file sending services with enterprise level security and branded to your company's image.

Private Servers - Yours or Ours

StorageBlox PFT is not a cloud service. While it is accessible from anywhere, each PFT customer is given a dedicated virtual server. Your files are never stored on a public or shared system. Every PFT customer has full administrative control over their server. For customers wanting even more control, we can deploy a PFT server on-premise and even offer pre-configured PFT appliances that you can simply plug in to your network and be up and running in minutes.

Open Source

StorageBlox PFT is powered by open source components. Using open source components allows us to maintain maximum flexibility with minimum prices. All the components used in our PFT services are carefully vetted for security and reliability. ConnectingBlox is an active contributor to many open source communities and where ever possible uses open source for our internal business practices.

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