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Wireless APsConnectingBlox is a leader in enterprise wireless networks, supporting anything from simple single access-point networks to complex meshed, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks. So whether you need to provide wireless access in a 3-room office or across a 30-building campus, we can help.

What is Enterprise Wireless?

Wireless networks in an enterprise environment require better security, flexibility and control than those typically installed in your home. Home wireless access points today typically have simple one-button configurations and are designed to cover smaller areas. Enterprise wireless networks support complex security models, provide reports of users and traffic, and can combine multiple access points into a single mesh network for coverage of larger areas.

Here are some important features of enterprise wireless devices:

Basic wireless devices have their own unique identifiers and don't operate together - some can even fail to work at all if another wireless network in the same area shares the same name. Enterprise wireless networks create a mesh of overlapping access points. With a meshed network users can pass from one access point to the next without losing connectivity. Meshed WiFi networks can even include outdoor access points and long-range devices to create a single wireless network across an entire campus.
WLAN Controllers
WLAN controllers allow you to manage an enterprise wireless network as a single entity. Through a controller access points can be managed and monitored individually or in groups. WLAN controllers allow you to add new access points and grow your network with just a couple of clicks. WLAN controllers also provide detailed reports on who's using your wireless and how it is being used. You can control traffic and even block users/devices from using wireless.
Guest Networks
Guest networks have become increasing common in business environments. With an enterprise system you can setup guest networks that have open access to wireless but are restricted from seeing devices on your corporate network. You can apply security and traffic policies to the guest network, ensuring that guests never use too much bandwidth or violate company policies while using your network.
Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
Most enterprise devices now support PoE. PoE provides power to remote devices over a standard ethernet cable, enabling devices to be located where it may not be feasible to provide a power outlet.

Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint

These types of networks are not WiFi and typically aren't connected to by computers, phones and tablets. These are wireless networks designed to replace dedicated circuits (T1, T3, DSL, fiber) between locations or to connect locations where physical cable isn't practical. Point-to-Point is typically used for bridging 2 locations and Point-to-Multipoint creates 1 master location and allows other locations to connect through the master. With span of 50+ miles and bandwidth of 10GB+ these wireless network can often be more cost effective than leased fiber between locations.

Our Preferred Solutions

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ConnectingBlox recommends and installs UniFi wireless networks from Ubiquiti Networks. UniFi devices offer enterprise class control, management and security without the high cost. UniFi has a range of 802.11a/b/g/n/ac access points for indoor and outdoor use. UniFi wireless devices can also pair easily with Ubiquiti's long range products to extend your local wireless network across a campus or between buildings.


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