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Firewall DiagramFirewalls and perimeter security are the first line of defense in protecting your company from hackers and other prying eyes. The ConnectingBlox team has a deep understanding of perimeter security. Call us at 248-331-9520 to learn how we can help keep your networks and data secure from outside attacks.

Next Generation Firewalls

Next Generation (NG) Firewalls are key to perimeter security. Firewalls have always been designed to prevent traffic from point A from reaching point B. NG firewalls extend that paradigm and include deeper inspection of traffic before deciding how it should be handled. An NG firewall will include IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention System) features which examine traffic patterns and take action if they determine an attacker is attempting to gain access to your systems. NG firewalls also have quality of service features, making them better tools for managing traffic as it enters and exits your network. Those QoS features can also play a key role in mitigating attacks as malicious or unknown traffic can be given lower priority until the attacker is thwarted.

Hackers don't discriminate. If you're company has an Internet connection, then you are vulnerable. Many bandwidth providers (cable/DSL) will tell you that their "gateway devices" include firewall protection. That's true, but they are very limited firewalls that only protect against the most basic of threats with little or no management and reporting. Any company protecting their network with a device provided as part of your Internet package is leaving their data highly vulnerable. ConnectingBlox strongly recommends installing a dedicated hardware firewall between your network and your bandwidth provider's equipment.

Hacker Targets/Motivations 2014

While most companies feel they won't be targeted or that hacking mostly occurs at government agencies or the financial sector, the reality is quite different. In 2014 government agencies were the most targeted, but only by a small percentage over the industrial sector. Fact is, cyber crime is very lucrative and targeting private sector companies has proven to be more profitable over recent years. Most industry experts see this trend continuing for the foreseeable future. With these trends in place, protecting your perimeter is more important than ever.

Content Filters & Gateway Defense

Firewalls do a great job of preventing outside attackers from gaining access to your networks. But what about the attackers your users invite in? Malicious scripts can be installed onto your computers via compromised web sites, email messages, instant messaging systems, file downloads and even attached to voicemail messages in VoIP systems. Preventing these types of attacks calls for gateway defense. Gateway defense is typically an extra layer of antivirus protection and a filter that prevents your users from visiting certain types of websites. Not only does a good gateway defense help protect your network, but content filtering can also prevent legal issues. With a content filter in place you can keep your users from visiting sites that may invite lawsuits.

Our Preferred Solutions

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ConnectingBlox has been a SonicWALL partner from day one. Our engineers are trained by SonicWALL and we've successfully installed hundreds of SonicWALL devices over the years. We recommend SonicWALL more often than any other firewall product and choose SonicWALL devices to protect our own network.


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